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Alan Browning - Our Tribute

It is difficult to know quite where to start as Alan was of course such a huge
part of the Football Club since 1960. So, we have tried to gather a few
memories of Alan from some of the Broomfield Football Club Family.
In Alan’s early playing days, we understand that they would use part of The
Angel pub to change in. Among his playing contemporaries were The Barford
brothers, Ron, George and Ray (a former president of BFC) and Denny
Boreham. No doubt there were many, many more.

During the 60s he came up against another BFC stalwart the late Jim Ford
(who never actually played for Broomfield). Alan would say that Jim left his
mark several times as he still had the scars from their encounter’s years later.
Some of us can also recall an encounter involving the putting up of a gazebo
one funday with neither Alan nor Jim wanting to admit defeat despite there
being a missing pole. That gazebo was very quickly consigned into a heap in
the corner.

There are also stories that back in the day supporters would put a penny into a
collection pot, so they had the money to pay the referee. Bob Jarred recalls
doing just that.
Ann Oliver first met Alan as an 8-year-old kid watching him play football on
Saturday afternoons. Ann recalls that Alan was always so tolerant of the kids
on match days. Always happy to let them join in the pre-match kick in and they
would stand behind the goals to collect balls when they missed the target.
Apparently, they were kept quite busy.

Ann remembers that Alan was a right winger who was calm, assured and
talented on the ball. He was also a gentleman on and off the pitch.
Of course, the old clubhouse didn’t exist then. The team was by this time using
a small wooden hut on the land that is now part of the Village Hall complex.
Alan was heavily involved in what was effectively a land swap which would
allow the club to build the old club HQ.

In the early 1990’s when he was Club Chairman, he supported everyone. He
watched as many of the teams play and attended as many cup finals as he
could. He was particularly supportive of Ann who was one of only 2 female
managers at the time. We also know that he loved to drive down to Werlte in
Germany with Sue for the Exchange visits.

His association with the club was continued through his son Chris playing for
Broomfield for many years.
Alan continued his association with the club throughout the decades, and
regularly attended Managers’ meetings. He was always keen to ensure the
history and traditions of the club were respected and was happy to share the
history of how the club evolved.

Alan’s contribution was rewarded when he became President of the club. A
position he held until his passing. He became the club’s longest serving
associate because of his contribution throughout the decades.
Even when he first became unwell, he was still keen to know what was
happening at the club and still liked to visit with Sue and the family.
We would like to think that Alan is now looking down and smiling at where we
are now as a club from when he was using the little wooden shed all those
years ago. They say, “from little acorns grow” and we are sure he would be
hugely proud.

Alan was one of life’s true gentleman and indeed a gentle man. It was a life
lived well and a life well lived, and Broomfield Football Club will miss him