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Committee Members

Sean McGinley
Sean first came to Broomfield when his son Tom started playing for Mark Fitheridge’s junior side.  He left as a 16 year old to play for a friend’s team and Sean started to coach the side halfway through their first season.  When the manager left, the players asked Sean to become manager. The team remained independent for several seasons as no more than a mid-table team.

After two seasons, the club persuaded Sean to bring his team to Broomfield. In 2007 they became the Sunday Reserve team in the Pope & Smith Chelmsford Sunday League Division 3. They finished mid-table but the following season they won the Division and became the Sunday 1st team. The team were Divsion 2 champions in 2009 and reached the League Cup and Coward Cup finals. However, the Premier Division was a step too far at this time and the team were relegated in 2010 but quickly bounced back the following season. The team remains in the Premier Division.
A few seasons ago, Sean volunteered to help run the Saturday Olympian Reserve team on a temporary basis when the manager resigned. A new manager could not be found at the end of the season so Sean stayed on and the team joined the Mid-Essex league. Under Sean’s tutelage, the reserves won their Division and also reached a League Cup final. The team were runners up the following season but without a permanent managerial replacement, the team withdrew from the League.

Sean took over the Saturday Olympian 1st team in 2011 and continued to run both the Saturday and Sunday 1st teams until late 2012 when the tally of 60 or so games every year became too much for Sean and his wife Nicki, who had been with Sean every season since he started. Sean therefore decided to stand down as Manager of the Sunday 1st team and two of his assistants took the team over.

Stuart Paterson - Secretary & Treasurer
Stuart's family involvement with Broomfield dates from the early 80's when his younger brother joined the club at the age of 14. Stuart's father helped run the Sunday senior 1st team when his brother reached the senior ranks. His father also served on the club committee and is now a Vice President of the club.

Stuart joined the club as a senior player with the Saturday Reserve team in the mid 80's. Stuart captained this side for a few years in the Mid Essex League and also played for the Sunday Reserve team in the Pope & Smith League. Stuart stopped playing around 1990 but continued to support the club. He rejoined in an official capacity in 2010 following his youngest son's graduation from the Saturday Morning Soccer School. Stuart initially managed a team in the Spring League before moving on to manage various teams from U9 (now U17). 

Stuart took over as Secretary of the club in late 2012 following Ann Oliver's resignation. He became Treasurer a couple of years later.